A Notary Public, is a public officer, appointed by the State who is empowered by law to perform the functions of that Notarial office.Though frequently associated with the solicitors’ profession, the Notary belongs to a separate and distinct branch of the legal profession.

Its origins predate, by many centuries, the professions of solicitor and barrister in the common law system. For that reason, the profession of Notary Public in Ireland may be described as the “third arm of the legal profession” in our legal system.

What We do for you

We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the Notarial process. You will usually require the services of a Notary Public when you have documents which are needed for use abroad. The Notary's signature and seal will verify to international authorities that relevant checks have been carried out and that the document has been properly signed.



We are conscious always of providing the best service to our clients at an appropriate fee. We deliver value taking into account the nature of documents and complexity of work. We request that all documentation be summitted to the Notary Public in advance which can be reviewed in advance. Following our review, it is usually possible to provide an accurate estimate of costs likely to be incurred.

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Our Notaries Public are established commercial lawyers

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